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AG Photography

At Ag Photography, their mission is to preserve the joy and excitement of your special day. Above all else, you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your photographer will share your vision and have the talent to bring it to life. Their professional photographers are diverse, which ensures that you’ll be paired with one who perfectly accommodates the photography style you envision and your budget. For several years, Ag Photography’s talented team has been perfecting the art of photographing portraits and special events in the St. Louis, Nashville area and around the country.

They work side by side with their clients to creatively capture their happiest moments and make their fondest memories last forever.

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Our Effects Vendor

Bringing imagination to reality, brought to you by Effects by Chèvre


Effects by Chèvre offers a wide range of professional high quality effects. Effects can be used to give you a mind blowing entrance to your event or to give you an unforgettable first dance. Our effects are sure to take your event to the next level & wow your guest. Be sure to inquire about our sparkles, dancing on a cloud, Gobo services, uplighting, C02 guns & more! We do also offer photobooth & 360 photobooth services. Check out pictures & videos of our effects options here.

Dancing On A Cloud

Dancing on a cloud is a popular wedding effect that adds a romantic and dreamy ambiance to the dance floor. The effect generates a low-lying fog, and covers the dance floor.


Sparkles are produced by non flammable Cold Spark Fountains. They’re absolutely beautiful & a great way to wow your guests for your entrance or first dance.

Gobo Services

The wedding gobo service provides a memorable and personalized touch to the wedding decor and creates a stunning visual effect that adds to the overall ambiance of the event.


Wedding uplighting provides a beautiful and dramatic effect that transforms the venue into a magical and memorable setting for the celebration. Uplighting involves placing lighting fixtures on the floor or ground and aiming them upwards to illuminate the walls.

C02 Guns

Wedding CO2 guns are a unique and exciting effect that add an element of fun and energy to a wedding reception. The CO2 guns can also be customized to match the wedding theme or color scheme by using colored CO2 gas or LED lights on the gun’s nozzle.

360 Photobooths

The 360 photo-booth is typically set up with fun and unique backdrops, props, and lighting to enhance the experience and add to the overall ambiance of the event. It provides a fun and engaging activity for guests and creates lasting memories of the wedding celebration.

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